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What is this?

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This is the Unofficial Cornell CS Wiki, a student-run project that aims to collect content about all things CIS at Cornell.

Who are you?

A group of Cornell students, many of whom you may know. Email us if you feel like chatting.

Why Git/Jekyll and not MediaWiki?

We used to be on MediaWiki (the same software that Wikipedia uses), which the CS department helped ACSU host. However, it was taken down and moved to Wikia after a DDoS attack. Wikia unfortunately is not a particularly conducive platform for collaboration and free content. Thus this site was born.

Is this official/sponsored by Cornell?


How do I contribute?

Contributing Guide

Also check out the List of Contributors.

Can I contribute anonymously?

Yes, of course. While Git makes this a bit harder than with MediaWiki, please email us (from a throwaway email) and we will be happy to add content on your behalf.

There’s content that’s offensive/rude/reflects poorly

Please email us or file an issue.

Currently most content was migrated (with minimal/automated editing) from the old CS wiki. We hope over time to update, revamp, and re-scrutinize all this content.

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