Graduation Requirements

Your exact requirements depend on whether you’re enrolled in Arts & Sciences or Engineering. The CS core is the same, though—it’s the electives that change.

The department has a list of common requirements. Of particular note is the external specialization.

External Specialization

three 3000+ related courses that are outside of Computer Science and total at least nine credits (3 credit min per course) external specialization


Common areas: linguistics, math, operations research, … Take whatever you’re interested in!

Liberal Studies

The general advice is to pick classes that you are interested in and would enjoy.

Engineers, note that Advanced Placement credit may have covered as many as 4 of 6 liberal arts requirements.

Checking Your Status

Once you’re affiliated, the department maintains a CS checklist for you. This lists your college and major requirements, which classes you have and haven’t taken, and which classes you still need. Note that this is only updated about once a semester (since it’s all done by hand), so it might be a bit out-of-date. If you’re unsure about something, you should talk to your advisor or the CS office (Nicole Roy/Stella Lee).

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