Sometimes Required Math Classes

General Information

Linear algebra or multivariable calculus classes are sometimes required for CS classes.

Linear Algebra

  • MATH 2210—Linear Algebra
  • MATH 2310—Linear Algebra with Applications
  • MATH 2940—Linear Algebra for Engineers

Multivariable Calculus

  • MATH 2220—Multivariable Calculus

Both simultaneously

  • MATH 2230—Theoretical Linear Algebra and Calculus
  • MATH 2240—Theoretical Linear Algebra and Calculus


There are three common sequences of classes to take:

Engineers: MATH 1110 - MATH 1910 - MATH 1920 - MATH 2940

“Regular”: MATH 1110 - MATH 1120/1220 - MATH 2210 - MATH 2220

Theoretical: MATH 1110 - MATH 1120/1220 - MATH 2230 - MATH 2240

You can mix and match classes as long as they do not overlap - for example, you can take 1120 then 1920, but you cannot count both 1920 and 2210. The overlapping classes are stated quite clearly on the course descriptions.


MATH 2210/2230/2940/2220: To be filled in.

MATH 2230/2240: Being the honors versions of linalg and multi, the workload is higher. Expect to write many proofs but do little computational work.

General Advice

  • If you are not sure which sequences of classes to take, the engineers sequence is often seen as more computational and applied while the theoretical version is more proof-heavily and theoretical. The regular sequence lies in between.


With the exception of MATH 2230/2240, every class is offered every semester, sometimes with more than one professor.

This list would therefore be unnecessarily long, so refer to the course roster.

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