CS 5625 - Interactive Computer Graphics

General Information


CS 4620 - Introduction to Computer Graphics

Topics Covered

  • Deferred Shading
  • Advanced BDRF Shading Models (Cook-Torrance, Isotropic, Anisotropic)
  • Graphics Pipeline
  • Environment Mapping
  • Normal Mapping
  • Real-time Reflection using cube maps / dynamic cube maps
  • Shadow Maps / Shadow Volumes
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Mesh Operations (Subdivisions, Spline Meshes)


4-5 programming assignments, a final project, and one or two prelims. The assignments can be done individually or in partners, while the final project can be done in groups of 2-5.

General Advice

Workload throughout the semester wasn’t too bad, but assignments can take longer than expected so it is a good idea to start early. This is even more important for the final project because you’ll want to have time to make it look polished.


Past Offerings

Semester Time Professor Median Grade Course Page
Spring 2015 10:10-11:25 A.M. Steve Marschner - http://www.cs.cornell.edu/courses/cs5625/2015sp/index.shtml
Spring 2013 10:10-11:25 A.M. Kavita Bala N/A http://www.cs.cornell.edu/courses/cs5625/2013sp/
Spring 2012 10:10-11:25 A.M. Kavita Bala N/A http://www.cs.cornell.edu/courses/cs5625/2012sp/


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