CS 5412 - Cloud Computing

General Information

Cool topics in Cloud Computing including VMs, elasticity, large storage, client/server, etc.

Spring 2018: the class focused on fog and edge computing vs “classic” cloud computing.


Topics Covered


Spring 2018: 50-50 between a large project and take-home midterm. The project is of your choice and is not too much work, but is expected to scale with the size of your team. The class cares most about the scalability of your project. The midterm was very conceptual, and people did well overall.

General Advice

Talk to the TAs about your project and check in on your progress, just to make sure you’re on the right track.


Past Offerings

Semester Time Professor Median Grade Course Page
Spring 2018 TR 10:10-11:25 Ken Birman ? http://www.cs.cornell.edu/courses/cs5412/2018sp/


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