CS 4852 - Networks II

http://courses.cit.cornell.edu/info4220/ Spring 2014: Great course, awesome professor (Prof. Ghosh). 6 homeworks, 1 prelim, 1 final project, 1 blog post, and no final exam.

Class was very interesting. All about matching markets mostly, and related principles. Homework medians were always in the 90s, with means sometimes quite lower. 30 students got perfect scores on the prelim. The blog post took about an hour maximum to write (and is 5% of the grade - almost everyone got full points on this). Seemed like most of the CS kids had the logic down pretty well during the course. The class was almost all CS and INFO students.

All homeworks were pretty doable, though it was very easy to make silly mistakes in the course; this includes on the homeworks, on the prelim, and especially in-class with the iClicker questions. Almost every iClicker question had an even answer distribution (which means most people fell for the tricky questions).

10/10 would take again. Great professor, very doable/short assignments.

FYI: A number of students chose to write an additional blog post (again, this was very easy and very short) and got to use the course as a Technical Writing course. This made the course 4 credits instead of 3.

The Professor (Spring 2015, Ghosh) is very mean and impatient with the students.  If anyone dared to ask a question that she thought had been previously answered, she would openly mock them in lecture (this applied to both content questions and logistical questions).  She would constantly stop the class to yell at random individuals for being “distracted” in class, advising them to leave rather than not pay attention.  This would have been fine on its own, but combined with a mandatory attendence policy for a large percentage of your grade, this was a bit much. At one point, she even drove a student to leave the room in tears by yelling at them for not paying attention.  The content was interesting, although it was a bit minimal, but the professor was intolerable.

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