CS 4775 - Computational Genetics and Genomics

General Information

Also cross listed as Biometry 4840/6840


Biometry 3010 (However if you know Statistics and Probability you’ll be fine) and CS 2110 (A programming course with Algorithms is the general description for the programming requirement)

Topics Covered

  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Hidden Markov Models
  • Viterbi Algorithm
  • Alignment


5 Homeworks (problem sets) and a Final Project (Worked on over the semester) The problem sets are fairly time consuming unless you really know what you’re doing. Fortunately Professor Williams is very generous and each problem set has a grace period till 9 am the following morning. You also get 2 late days which can be used throughout the semsester. The final project is up to you. At the end you will present in class.

General Advice

The textbook readings are pretty helpful. Start early on the problem sets and spread out your work on the final project so you aren’t cramming till the very end.


Really interesting topics and Professor Williams is a good lecturer. She’s also very willing to explain concepts or talk about additional details mentioned in class.

Past Offerings

Semester Time Professor Median Grade Course Page
2016 FA TR 10:10 - 11:25 Amy Williams ? http://williamslab.bscb.cornell.edu/btry4840/index.php/Main_Page
2015 FA TR 10:10 - 11:25 Amy Williams ? http://williamslab.bscb.cornell.edu/btry4840-2015/index.php/Main_Page


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