CS 4758 - Robot Learning

General Information

There will be no robot learning for next year (2014), but it may be offered after that (2015).

Posted on the course’s Piazza in spring 2013.


Programming skills, linear algebra, probability, patience regarding robots. There’s a prerequisite test at the beginning of the course, passing this test is necessary to remain in the class or join it.

Topics Covered


General Advice


CS 4758 is a class with some interesting topics. However, if you come up with a unique project idea, it is likely that the professor will steal it and use it another year, while telling you to do one of his preplanned ideas. Also, the class material is not well put together. While all of the topics are scheduled for the semester, the professor’s teaching tends to involve him writing lots of equations on the board without explanation and using powerpoint slides where he skips over most of the slides. In addition, your project is essentially expected to be a research project in one semester which currently uses somewhat unreliable software, ROS. Finally, the class material most likely has very little to do with your project or your homework, so that throughout the semester, many people are confused on how to go about doing the homework or what part of their project has to deal with machine learning. - Student from Spring 2012

Past Offerings


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