CS 4420 - Computer Architecture

General Information

The nitty-gritty details about computer architectures. Focused primarily around processors, memories, and networks.


ECE 2300, CS 3420 - Embedded Systems

Topics Covered

  • Processors
    • Microcoding
    • Pipelining
  • Memories
    • Cache architecture
    • Optimization
  • Networks
    • Topology
    • Routing
    • Flow Control
  • Advanced Topics
    • Superscalar execution
    • Branch prediction
    • Out-of-order execution
    • Register renaming and memory disambiguation
    • VLIW, vector, and multithreaded processors
    • Memory protection, translation, and virtualization
    • Memory synchronization, consistency, coherence


Fall 2011: Severe. Four long Verilog assignments (+ lab reports), two very long exams, four thick problem sets, and random quizzes pretty much every week.

Fall 2012: 4 Python assignments (+ lab reports) but there were supposed to be 5. Writing in Python was a lot simpler than Verilog. Two long and pretty difficult exams and four long problem sets. Random quizzes in lecture, but are pretty easy if you pay attention to the previous lecture. There were 17 in total.

Fall 2013: Severe. 5 long Verilog labs (+ lab reports), four very thick problem sets (to give you an idea, each handout was about 20 pages long), two 3 hour exams that should have been 4 hours long to be fair, and random quizzes pretty much every week. Expect to put in about 20 hours per lab.

General Advice


I’m putting my advice here in testimonials, since my opinion is quite biased. I really enjoyed the material, thought Chris Batten’s teaching was great, but disagreed with pretty much everything else in the course. I would not recommend this course to any but the most interested, since the amount of busy work is astounding. Quizzes are unnecessary and stressful, since there’s rarely enough time to actually think about the problems. Labs took a lot of time, but I didn’t really learn much from them (probably my fault for being bad at debugging Verilog). Lab reports were a pain to write up, and I often got docked for not including random charts and data that it didn’t ask for. ’'’Extra credit is mandatory if you want an A’’’, which I think is a stupid and stressful requirement. Overall, grading felt arbitrary, which was really a stress I didn’t need during the semester I took this course.

I agree with pretty much everything said above. Pymtl, basically verilog in python, was pretty new so we didn’t have the “extra credit” for each assignment. The grading was a little arbitrary. Unless you put a ton of effort into your lab report you won’t be getting an A+. The labs are a lot easier to debug now since it’s now in python though the platform is still a little buggy. I think Batten’s teaching was amazing and the material taught was really interesting so I would definitely recommend this course.

Very interesting material, particularly the last half of the course. Batten is extremely organized and committed to the class, but the workload is unbearable. Everything about this class is stressful: do not take it unless you are confident you can dedicate a large majority of your work time to it every week. Lab reports count for most of your lab grade, even though doing the Verilog itself takes forever. It’s pretty much impossible to get an A in the class without doing extensions, so they are, in a way, required if you want the chance to do well. Their grading was also very delayed. We finished Lab 5 without knowing our grades for labs 2, 3, and 4. Exams, particularly this semester’s final, are absurdly long. It was nearly impossible to finish the final in 3 hours – it’s more of a test of your writing speed than your comprehension of the material. The class is also not curved, so an unfair exam will penalize everyone’s grade. I really wish this course was less stressful, because there’s a lot to learn from the material and Batten. I would not recommend this course unless it is your ’'’only’’‘ time sink.

Past Offerings

Semester Time Professor Median Grade Course Page
Fall 2011 - Christopher Batten - -
Fall 2013 - Christopher Batten B+ http://www.csl.cornell.edu/courses/ece4750/


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