CS 2043 - UNIX Tools and Scripting

General Information###

Introductory class on UNIX and scripting. The entire class is only six weeks long, and you must take it as S/U.


One programming course or equivalent programming experience. No previous knowledge of UNIX or expertise in any particular language is assumed.


Extremely light.

With Nicolas Saava, 4 assignments and 1 final project. With one partner, maximum of one hour required to complete the homework assignments. The final project is slightly harder, but not by a lot.


I took it with Nicolas Saava. I am glad I took this course because it gave me exposure to UNIX and shell scripts, which is pretty useful. I would not say the course is challenging, at all. Could have learned all the topics on my own if I put in the effort. I would recommend this class to someone who has a little bit of space in their schedule for a light-workload course.

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