CS 2024 - C++ Programming

General Information

Basically you learn everything about C++


Topics Covered


As close to 0 as you can get. One programming assignment per week that takes ~30 minutes. Two in class prelims that take ~15 minutes each.

General Advice

Useful for learning C++, and for fulfilling some vectors, such as the Programming Languages vector, which requires a 20XX class.


Incredibly boring. Unless you want to know the fine details of C++ I would avoid this.

It’s nearly impossible to get a U (Fail) in this course. The tests are the same as those of the previous year. Just memorize the answers. That is all. There are only 25 questions on the prelims so it’s not that hard to memorize.

If you take the attitude of “this class is a joke,” then you probably won’t get anything out of it.

Past Offerings

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