CS 1132 - Transition to MATLAB

General Information

A 1-credit course to familiarize students with the MATLAB programming language. Not a difficult course at all, but don’t take this fact as an excuse to slack, or it will come back to bite you. The course lasts a half a semester, and can be taken auto-tutorial or lecture-based.

There are 2 tests and 2-4 projects. Each test will take about an hour of studying, 2 hours max if you know nothing. The tests are really just based on your knowledge of some definitions and syntax. Projects are simple coding exercises, meant to familiarize yourself with the language and nothing more. There’s really not much problem-solving involved.


Topics Covered


If you’ve taken other CS courses (2110 or thereabouts), you can seriously complete this course in about 12 hours. Just find a free weekend and do it.

General Advice

Easy and little work; that being said, I’ve seen many people drop it after procrastinating, so don’t!

The assignments may take more time than you expected, but a few hours of concentration should be enough.

If you have coding experience, you should be able to breeze through. Try to finish up in the first few weekends before other classes get more busy.


I signed up for the auto-tutorial class, with the intent of knocking out all the projects easily. However, I missed one deadline, and got a zero for a project that was worth 25% of my grade in the class, meaning that I automatically failed because you need an 85% to pass. Luckily, Daisy Fan was forgiving and let me switch into the lecture-based section in the latter half of the semester, so I was able to pass. But let this be a warning - as on-the-ball as you think you are, it is easy to let these things slip by when you don’t have a lecturer and classmates to keep you on track!

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