CS 1115 - Introduction to Computational Science and Engineering Using MATLAB Graphical User Iterfaces

General Information

Programming and problem solving using MATLAB. Emphasizes the systematic development of algorithms and programs. Topics include iteration, functions, arrays, and MATLAB graphics. Assignments are designed to build an appreciation for complexity, dimension, fuzzy data, inexact arithmetic, randomness, simulation, and the role of approximation. The pace is more rapid than CS 1112. Every assignment involves the design of a graphical user interface and highlights important aspects of computational science and engineering.

Outcome 1: Be fluent in the use of procedural statements—assignments, conditional statements, loops, function calls—and arrays. Be able to design, code, and test small MATLAB programs that meet requirements expressed in English. This includes a basic understanding of top-down design.

Outcome 2: Have knowledge of the interplay between mathematics, computing, engineering, and science.

Outcome 3: Able to design and build a graphical user interface in Matlab.


Student should have some prior programming experience.

(Not really required. You might have to put in a tiny bit of extra effort for the first two assignments if you don’t have any programming experience.)

Topics Covered


General Advice

If you have some programming experience, but you’re still taking an Intro CS course Fall of freshman year, I’d recommend this class over the usual Matlab class (CS 1112).

It’s a smaller class with more personalized attention. Prof. Van Loan is actually a really good professor and he introduces fun topics in class at random times. Plus, the assignments are slightly more challenging than the CS 1112 projects, making it a class which doesn’t take up a huge amount of time but is intellectually satisfying.

Learning the GUI component of MATLAB is useful for all future classes.


Past Offerings

Semester Time Professor Median Grade Course Page
Fall 2013 - Charles Van Loan - http://www.cs.cornell.edu/courses/cs1115/2013fa/


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